All therapeutic work is grounded in certain principles. Knowledge of the specific type of therapy that a clinician does and the values that underlie
that approach may be helpful in choosing the right therapist for you.

I do a kind of therapy known as Relational Therapy. This relational focus finds expression on two different levels. The first is a focus on the creation
of a relational container, which means that I am intent on providing a safe environment in which you feel at ease and your process can unfold. This safety comes from careful listening, respect for boundaries, a depth of caring and presence, and a trust in the healing potential of such a relationship.

The second way this relational focus unfolds in the therapy arises out of the unique qualities of the relationship that we develop over time. It has been found that for many of us, our current relationships can reflect and illuminate issues from our earliest ones. However, our real-time present relationships are generally not devoted to our healing!  On the other hand, the therapy relationship is an ideal one to use for our healing, precisely because it is a safe and protected one.

More important than any theoretical stance, however, is the personhood
of the therapist.  I value both intellectual understanding and kindness, and strive to use both my head and my heart in service to my client's healing
and growth.  You will find that I am a deeply caring, accessible, and
engaged therapist.  I deeply enjoy my work and consider it a privilege to share in the healing journey of therapy.